Native Advertising & Advertorials

Newspapers are costly to print, burdensome to distribute and leave a black residue on our bagels, tablet cases, and collared shirts. The newspaper business is going the way of the carriage business. Very soon, newspapers will be reduced to dusty stacks in our parent’s basement and found in the musty alleys of public libraries.

A few newspapers have taken their content online and built a comfortable user experience. This digital component to the paper should serve as a profit center if done properly. When it fails, the newspaper will sell more of itself through native advertising and advertorials to make up the difference.

I would encourage my Republican leadership to find out what PACs are utilizing native advertising and advertorials to convey our value proposition. I can tell you one thing. Either the adverts were well constructed and they informed my political outreach efforts or I have not seen one yet. I fear it might be the later to the two.

Thanks for reading my fifteenth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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  1. And newspapers’ should “interview” all candidates in distribution area… maybe link to candidates’ online space?

  2. Reblogged this on Political Pipeline and commented:
    The way of the newspaper is online, much like the way of talking is cellular–once we think about ecological sustainability and capital expenditures.

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