Recovery Pledge, Inc.

I had and I now have the opportunity to launch a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with many great companies.

While working in New Orleans after the oil spill, I quickly learned that recovery efforts failed many business owners. I realized that small businesses need to stabilize their sales immediately after a disaster in order to survive.

The goal of Recovery Pledge, Inc. is to redirect your consumption to disaster regions. By targeting our own purchasing power and buying goods and services from businesses in distress – it enables us to stabilize their sales, allowing small businesses to survive and communities to eventually thrive.

Competitions like the Phillips Innovation Fellows bring out the best in us. Crowdfunding is not easy, but many thanks to Phillips for encouraging the team at Recovery Pledge, Inc. to give it another try. You can help us reach our fundraising goal of $7,500 here:

Thanks for reading my sixteenth blog post.
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  1. Reblogged this on Political Pipeline and commented:
    To all my “followers”, please do me a favor and give a dollar to support the crowd-sourcing campaign designed to enable “consumer based disaster recovery.” I’ll owe you one!

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