The Republican Brand

My republican leadership has gone through more branding exercise than it cares to tell. Ad agencies work around the clock drafting campaigns to connect with young people, minorities, and even children. Most campaigns fall flat and there is good reason for it. It is the lack of authenticity.

A brand must neatly assemble the party’s value proposition into a clear and concise format. The value proposition is that special list of objectives where my political party is willing to meet me half way. Meaning, if I take a step forward and cast a vote, the candidate (if elected) must take a step forward and introduce legislation.

Currently, young people and minorities are unwilling to step forward and vote republican. It is because the legislation introduced by my republican leadership is focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Why vote fifty or so times? Let’s revisit the republican value proposition, and in doing so, build a more authentic brand.

Thanks for reading my fourteenth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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  1. I like what you say here, but the bigger problem for me is that “traditional liberals” are running the Republican Party. I favor “republicans” or at least “moderate liberals.” I’m surprised the Republican Brand hasn’t been more damaged in last 10 years by such overly “classic liberal” policy prescriptions, including the recession of ’08. Like Reagan said, I haven’t left the Republican party, the Republican Party left me (and you).

    I think we must demand more from the Republican Party–like Jeb Bush and others say, “Education is the civil rights issue of our time.” Well, prove it–show me the plan to get people edge you ma kated. SEE-again in 2016–watch for it if the regular candidates run–you will not hear their value proposition because they won’t have a “real” plan.

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