Encourage Party Ownership

John Locke taught us that ownership was necessary for the purpose of production.

His message rings true for individuals and organizations if they are to succeed. Individually, ownership manifests itself through actions, which are acknowledged by the acceptance of personal responsibility for each action – no matter the outcome. Organizationally, ownership manifests itself by testing its value proposition or what is often referred to as the company’s mission statement.

Republican leadership must loosen its strong hold on the conservative value proposition and begin to prepare for the millennial zeitgeist. The way to do so in a respectable fashion is to institute a new strategic planning process. We millennials know that strategic planning is more about the process than the actual written plan. We welcome a process meticulously managed to generate a diversity of folks, ideas and metrics to measure success.

The goal of the current republican leadership should be to unapologetically encourage party ownership to those willing to produce. Current party representation can identify these individuals by undertaking a strategic planning process in regions ready to lend an ear to contemplating republican values. We millennials understand that strategic planning is a process that forces us to compromise. It forces us to make a commitment to those at the table sitting next to us.

Thanks for reading my fourth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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