Choose Your Words Wisely

The mechanism that defines brute strength is no longer our fists.

The machine has taken ownership over many facets of our day-to-day life. As a human, I can no longer compete when the wager is strength, repetition or consistency. However, what I do have is the ability to instantaneously interact with millions, if not billions of people who are starved for meaningful conversation.

Institutions are born after heated fits of logic, reason and philosophy. Once born, the language of interaction and contracts must be accepted by the majority of those involved. Political institutions and the parties that covet the leadership role are dependent on communicating meaningful messages. The individuals who receive the messages then interpret and act upon them in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the political party’s leadership gets the message right and sometimes it is mired in the dull language of yesteryear.

Remember, all is not lost in the realization of our physical inadequacies. What is gained is the mastery of influence through communication and more so, selective word choice. The current republican leadership continues to utilize a language that is not germane to millennial generation. I encourage it to prudently experiment with new language. To do nothing, will only leave my generation wondering why we do not speak the same language.

Thanks for reading my fifth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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