Demonstrate Authenticity by Rejecting the Holy Salesmen

Recently, Pope Francis suspended indefinitely the German “Bishop of Bling”.  This courageous act demonstrated the how authenticity (i.e. remaining true to message of Jesus) is a much more meaningful act of leadership than a public display of wealth.

We use the term only in the America quite often. It’s a way for many folks like to express American exceptionalism. And what could be more exceptional than the American preachers and pastors who own private jets, luxury homes and have become media moguls. I refer to them as the holy salesmen.

These folks sell us more than simple ideas. They sell us a wholly holy lifestyle. But, we millennials can see through the flavored speech and deduce what might be greatest conflict of interest ever witnessed. It’s a conflict between the biblical teachings and the greed of holy salesmen.

Our republican leadership needs to start demonstrating authenticity like the good Pope Francis. It may be a softer tone toward skeptics and agnostics that is needed. However, I am certain that rejecting the outright greed of holy salesmen is the first step.

Thanks for reading my third blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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