Trade Fact of the Week

The Trade Fact of the Week is administered by Progressive Economy, which is a project of the Global Works Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) joined in the campaign to eliminate global poverty. I love their work. A recent fact they published left me unsurprised, but interested to learn more.

According to the Pew Research Center, the share of Americans agreeing that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will be “good for the United States” is:

Millennials: 65%
Baby Boomers & Seniors: 49%

Yes, 95 percent of consumers live outside of our red, white and blue borders. The Trans-Pacific Partnership seeks to eliminate barriers to U.S. exports, trade, and investment with over twenty nations that touch the Pacific Ocean. Think of it as NAFTA for the Pacific Rim.

International trade is a young person’s game as noted by the data above. It’s wrought with painstaking amounts of stress, logistical nightmares, and financial difficulties. It requires the capacity and patience to build trust with like-minded strangers. It’s like tunneling through the mud with a bent spoon or setting sail at dusk with only a flashlight. It’s what we millennials refer to it as…adventure.

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