Crowdfunding 201

Crowfunding is the practice of raising money from a large number of people to transform an idea into an enterprise. I encourage everyone to try crowdfunding. Mainly, because it will be the first time you connect with family and friends besides the holidays.

Crowdfunding is a lot like strategic planning. First, you have to build a team. Then you have to define your value proposition. Moving forward, you need to identify the team’s sphere of influence in order to connect with people’s hearts first and then hopefully their wallets.

Once everything is in order, reach out to your inner circle and ask them to join in on the launch date. Like any political campaign, momentum strength is directly correlated the due diligence of the organizing party. Meaning, ask for the vote before Election Day.

If you are a shy person or think to yourself, “I should network more outside of my inner circle” then crowdfunding is for you. We launched our second crowdfunding campaign and are enjoying every minute of it:

Thanks for reading my eighteenth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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  1. When I think of liberalism I think of “venture capitalism.” When I think of “crowdfunding,” I think of republicanism.

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