Political Ads & Retaliation

Mailboxes fill to the brim daily with leaflets and pamphlets. Radio stations are finally out of the red and in the black. Musty hotels carefully seat the elderly in stained chairs to listen to rehearsed debates. Neighborhood fences clutter with rectangular signs that boldly shout: INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and SERVANT. Well, maybe not servant, but you get the point. Midterm elections are upon us and tis the season to retaliate.

The current rancor of political ads is unsettling at first, and then like most things in life, it becomes the new normal. Well, that is until a candidate comes along that refuses to diminish his or her contender from afar through character defamation. If I was a speech writer for a political candidate I would draft the following statement for my employer.

Drones. They takes the lives of our enemies, and all too often, civilians. When a civilian is killed; each and every family member looks for ways to retaliate. Vengeance energizes these blind weapons who suppress any and all moral code. I do not believe in striking from afar. I believe in contending our political and social ideas face to face. I will not encourage my competition to retaliate against me because I have not, and I will never, strike from afar.

Thanks for reading my nineteenth blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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  1. Can’t imagine the trauma those kids grow up with in fear of an attack, and that trauma with likely remain long after the US stops, especially for those civilians killed by US drones (I knew her, or him).

    No American values are promoted with this program. Too many are violated. It’s like shooting ourselves in the foot. But kids are killed by US drones, so this is a most serious topic for action. Say NO to drones!

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