The Gig Economy

A recent longitudinal survey on employment duration from the Bureau of Labor Statistics almost nailed down my work history. And I quote, “young adults born in the early 1980s held an average of 7.2 jobs from age 18 through age 28.” That’s a new job every 17 months!

This stat surprises most baby boomers, especially those in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When you grow up in factory town you hear things like, “you wouldn’t survive 44 years on the line” or “you youngsters just can’t work the hours it takes to get ahead”. It both instances, I couldn’t agree more.

Structural changes in the way work is done (e.g., telework) and what is considered work (e.g., shared economy) led to readily available short-term employment options. I like the new Gig Economy. Sign me up as an employee and hopefully a large employer!

Here is the link to the survey to read more:

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Photo credit: Marta Girdwood

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