The Resonation of Donald Trump – Part Two

Last year I wrote about Donald Trump and how his political campaign resonated with many Americans because many of us enjoy a good affront to any establishment, especially that of the political kind. I mentioned that there is a deeply rooted national logic to it, thanks to the way our Founding Fathers behaved.

I went on to write that whether Donald Trump is successful in converting his 2015 surge in the polls to votes in November is the subject for another time. That time has come, and President Elect Trump will lead us into 2020.

I cannot say it any other way. When many Americans went to the polls last week it was with a flexed fist and clenched teeth toward the establishment. It was a vote against career politicians who haven’t the time to write their own speeches. It was a vote to give an outsider the chance to #draintheswamp.

Thanks for reading my thirty-eighth blog post.
The Republican Millennial



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