The Unstrung Pendulum

Have you ever heard of the luddites? They were a band of 19th-century English workers who destroyed machinery. Maybe it was out of fear losing their jobs, or maybe it was because the English never let a good riot pass them by. Either way, the term luddite is making its way back into mainstream.

New efforts like the digital detox are being championed by friends and neighbors. This is when we switch off all electronics to see the screen-free world once again. But, these efforts don’t foreshadow the pendulum of technological advancement swinging back.

Technological advancement is an unstrung pendulum that moves onward no matter what. Luddites and the digital detox are brief nostalgic episodes that we entertain, but only for a moment.

I ask the current Republican Party leadership to reflect on the bills they endorse, and to consider if these efforts are simply entertaining feelings of nostalgia. Like those moments we spend gazing into the distance, paralyzed by a string of memories patched together by both fact and fiction.

Thanks for reading my twenty-seventh blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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