The Affordable Care Act wasn’t a knock-out punch.

Clearly, I speak for all republican millennials because I have the .com site to prove it. Sarcasm aside, here is how we see the Republican Party and the way it handled the Affordable Care Act.

The contentious two party system we hate here in the USA can be visualized as two boxers going toe-to-toe in a ring. The democrats are in blue shorts and the republicans are in red shorts. The Supreme Court is simply represented by the boxing judges. And the lawyers, well they are represented by the referee.

The democrats landed an uppercut on March 23rd, 2010 when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act legislation. It was a blow to the jaw-line that sent our champion in red shorts to the floor. The upper-cut punch did graze below the belt, which is why the referee had to stop the fight and ask the judges to review it.

The judges confirmed on June 28th, 2012 that the upper-cut punch counts. Instead of regaining his balance, standing up, and walking off with dignity – our hero in red shorts continued to throw useless jabs while laying on his back in the ring. Even though it wasn’t a knock-out punch, it will be if our hero in red shorts doesn’t leave the ring and prepare for the next fight.

Thanks for reading my very first blog post.
The Republican Millennial


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  1. Brilliant first post.

    As a spectator in the crowd on the Republican side, I see the useless jabs in countless other areas, which makes me think the boxer is still cross-eyed (literally not clear minded). The House and Senate Republicans, and presidential candidates, aren’t offering up legislation which both “improves collective action problems” while “reducing the role of the General Government.” The boxer seems to think you can be good at the second part without solving the first… GOP, advance incentives for non-profits to solve collective action problems. Tag. Tag!

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